UHV TPD Station with choice of sample heaters and mass spectrometers and fully extendable for connection to existing or future preparation/analysis techniques.


ATLAS UHV TPD Station is a fully standalone UHV system dedicated to UHV Temperature Programmed Desorption studies. It is available with a choice of one of our PTS range of UHV TPD sample holders and with a choice of quadrupole mass spectrometer. The UHV TPD sample holders are transferred into and out of the system via automatic or manual z-translator and load lock. Since all of the critical electrical, heating and cooling connections are situated on the sample holder receiving station, you never have to break vacuum to swap samples or repair sample holders.

The UHV TPD Station is fully expandable and can be easily linked to existing equipment or else used as a building block to any of our multi-technique UHV preparation and analysis systems.

UHV TPD Station

UHV TPD Sample Holder Choice

  • heating and cooling options over the range 90k - 2300k with integrated PID control
  • LN2 or LHe cooling options
  • resistive, direct or electron beam heating
  • optional standard adapters for RHK or Omicron microscopes
  • options with integrated quartz balance, Faraday cup and integrated optical transmission spectroscopy
  • sample park station for up to 10 sample holders with next in line heating

UHV TPD Mass Spectrometer

UHV TPD Mass Spectrometer Choice

  • analogue or pulse ion counting
  • double or tri-filter
  • 6mm, 9.5mm or 19mm pole diameters for highest possible transmission
  • range of TPD specific shrouds including differentially pumped versions
  • mass range options 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000 or 16,000amu
  • partial pressure detection down to 1E-16 Torr

Dedicated UHV TPD Control and Software

The 'Creator' software platform provides unrivalled flexibility for UHV TPD experiments. The Thermal Process Editor screen provides simple, graphical control of sample heater power, regulation, heating and cooling steps/rates.

UHV TPD Thermal Editor

UHV TPD Thermal Process Editor

UHV TPD 3D Real Time Viewer

UHV TPD Software

The UHV TPD 3D Real Time Viewer displays the full 3D surface view as well as corresponding 2D views simultaneously. It can be re-wound and rotated in real time to check thermal events as they happen and to add annotation as necessary. What's more, the 'Creator' GUI represents a collection of separate modules for our full range of instruments and controllers.

Since most of our vacuum controllers are fully compatible with third party components (pumps, gauges etc.), Creator can provide an all-in-one control platform for even the most complicated vacuum system.

A short video of our UHV TPD 3D Viewer,  as well as our sample holder transfer, are are also available for viewing.

Our 16 page catalogue provides additional system examples and is available for download here.

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