Example 8: UHV System for Catalysis Research (B)

Customised UHV system for investigating solid and powder catalysts via scanning XPS.

UHV System for Investigation of Solid & Powder Catalysts

This system is a customised multi-chamber UHV system for investigating solid and powder catalysts via scanning XPS.

Custom UHV System with Phi VersaProbe Scanning XPS Modules

Multichamber UHV system dedicated to surface analysis of solid and powder samples with a range of electron spectroscopy techniques:

• Ultraviolet Photoemission Spectroscopy (UPS)
• Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES)
• Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM)
• Low Energy Electron Diffraction (LEED)
• Temperature Programmed Desorption (TPD)

Custom UHV System with Phi VersaProbe Scanning XPS

The system is designed to allow a single sample holder type in all chambers.

  • spectroscopy chamber with analyser (incl. instrumentation and software) for XPS, UPS, AES, EPS and TPD techniques. The analyser enables XPS measurements with high resolution, precise depth profiling, chemical imaging and angular-resolved measurements
  • variable temperature STM/AFM chamber with instrumentation and software which is dedicated to atomic resolution measurements
  • preparation chamber equipped with AES/LEED spectrometer and thermal desorption spectrometer. Also thermal and electron bombardment sources for thin film production, scrapping tool and ion source  for surface cleaning
  • The chamber is equipped with a precision 4 axis manipulator with cooling down to 90K and heating to 2200K

The system is additionally equipped with:
  • Sample loading, transfer and storage systems together with equipment for sample preparation and cleaning.
  • UHV Flow Through High Pressure Reactor for processes up to 20bar and 650°C.
  • Gas dosing system, Pressure and temperature measurement  and control system, Vacuum control system, Sample temperature measurement and control system, Sample loading and preparation for UHV suitcase, Unique Radial Distribution Chamber, Storage chamber with heating and cooling possibilities, rapid heating in both high pressure and UHV.

UHV Surface Analysis
Our 16 page catalogue provides additional examples and is available for download here.

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