UHV Chambers: Load Lock, Preparation, Analysis etc.

Our multi-technique materials growth and analysis systems combine a wide range of thin film deposition & growth (PVD, PLD, MBE etc.), spectroscopy (XPS, AES, UPS, SIMS etc.) and UHV SPM techniques.

Standard integrations are available for;

  • MBE growth chambers
  • Range of UHV SPM techniques
  • PHI Scanning Auger Microscope
  • PHI Quantum
  • Kratos AXIS Ultra
  • VG 200 i

The schematics below show examples of our linear, single radial distribution and extended, dual radial distribution systems, with a wide range of integrated techniques.

 Example Linear UHV System
 Example Single Distribution Chamber UHV System
Linear UHV System
Single Distribution Chamber UHV System

Example Extended Dual Radial Distribution System

Each system is individually designed from dedicated modules which can also be supplied as standalone components to upgrade and extend the capabilities of existing equipment. All modules are fully compatible so that users of e.g. a linear UHV system can easily upgrade to either single or dual radial distribution systems in the future.

A selection of our UHV modules are briefly introduced below. More detailed information is also available in the following download: icon UHV Surface Analysis Modules (2.04 MB)

Vacuum/UHV Chambers | Custom Design & Manufacture in Stainless Steel, Mu Metal, Aluminium and more.

UHV Analysis Chambers:

Our UHV analysis chambers are fabricated from non-magnetic stainless steel or mu-metal. Analysis chambers include a wide range of ports for adding current and future analysis equipment including;

  • XPS
  • AES
  • ISS
  • UPS
  • STM
  • HREEL etc.


UHV Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation Chambers:

Our UHV sample preparation chambers can be equipped with a large range of in-situ preparation facilities including;

  • thin film growth (sputtering, PLD etc.) with in-situ characterisation
  • research grade MBE facilities with up to 6 effusion cell/e-beam evapourators
  • ion sources for surface cleaning & preparation
  • RGAs and TPD mass spectrometers

Load Lock Station


Load Lock Chambers:

Our wide range of load lock chambers can be equipped with;

  • pumping systems, viewports, pressure measurement
  • options for LN2 cooling or heating samples up to 600°C
  • glove box introduction enclosures

 Sample Park Chamber Example   Sample Park Chamber Mechanism  

Sample Park Chambers:

Our range of sample park chambers provide a convenient method for storing multiple samples/sample holders under UHV conditions;

  • parking for up to 10 sample holders
  • in-situ heating and cooling of next in line sample
  • rotary drive for precise positioning
  • fully motorised version option

Multi-Axis UHV Manipulators Transfer

Sample Manipulators:

Precision UHV sample manipulation with up to 6 axes motorised.

  • receiving station for PTS sample holders
  • manual or motorised versions
  • motorised versions fully software controlled
Sample manipulators are descibed in more detail here.

UHV Sample Holders
Sample Receiving Station

Sample Holders:

The PTS range of UHV sample holders is compatible with our standard sample receiving station. Holders have 6 backside electrical contacts (2 thermocouples and 2 contacts for heating up to 20 A);

  • 1 inch sample size(larger possible)
  • heating to 2300K
  • very efficient LN2 and LHe cooling
  • many options includingquartz balance, charge compensation, Faraday cup, optical transmission etc.
Sample holders are descibed in more detail here.

Glove Box Load Lock Station

Glove Boxes:

We supply a range of glove box enclosures that interface directly with load locks and other chambers and allow safe handling of hazardous or air sensitive samples.

High Pressure Flow Through Reactor

High Pressure Flow Through Chambers:

The flow through high pressure reactors are designed to facilitate high pressure (up to 20 bar) catalysis experiments with various reaction gases. Only the sample and parts of the sample holder are in contact with the reaction gas.



UHV Distribution/Re-Orientation Chambers:

Our UHV radial distribution chambers are available with body diameters from 550 to 900 mm. They are supplied configured with the appropriate size rack-and-pinion rotary motion feedthrough and titanium sublimation pump with a guaranteed base pressure of less than 1E-10 mbar after 48hr bakeout.

Provides up to 8 transfer positions with automatic sample positioning and handles both hot and cold samples with fast (<45 seconds between two chambers), drop-proof transfer.

Both manual and fully software controlled/automised versions may be specified.

UHV Sample Cleave Chamber

Sample Cleave Chambers:

The cleaver chamber provides a UHV environment for cleaving crystal specimens.

The cleaver mechanism is configured with easy to replace blades. Different sample sizes can be cleaved up to a maximum of 5x5 mm, H=12 mm. The chamber includes a linear positioning mechanism allowing the setting of sample cleave height and facilitating multiple cuts on the same sample. A rotary drive is used to set the cleaving position.

InfraRed Chamber

IR Chambers:

The infrared chamber is specifically designed for IR Spectroscopic investigations. It is equipped with sample positioning mechanism, viewports and spare ports for future requirements.

The infrared chamber is equipped with potassium bromide glass ports and prepared for use with Bruker Optics Inc. infrared spectrometers. Other commercially available spectrometers may be interfaced on request. Ability to work over a full range of temperatures in both transmission and reflection mode.

UHV Surface Analysis
Our 16 page catalogue provides additional examples and is available for download here.

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