EA15 Hemispherical Energy Analyser

Energy Analyser intended to provide high-resolution PES measurements.

The EA15 Hemispherical energy analyser is intended to provide high-resolution
PES measurements to be analysed in a 150mm mean radius assembly.

The analyser is wrapped in a shield constructed of two parallel mu-metal plates
guaranteeing adequate analysis conditions for low-and-high-energy photoelectrons.

Equipped with a total number of 11 slits, the analyser offers the possibility to
choose between best energy resolution and best intensity. According to given
photoelectron energy the analyser is set up with 8 predefined PE to satisfy
customer's requirements.

EA15 Analyser: Application

The EA15 Energy Analyser is designed for routine operation in e.g. AES,
scanning applications, imaging, EELS and electron pulse or desorption experiments.

EA15 Energy Analyser:

  • EA15 150mm hemispherical energy analyser
  • RUDI-EA2 high stable and low noise electronics
  • Spectrum acquisition and analyser control software
    for windows OS computer system

EA15 Hemispherical Energy Analyser

EA15 Analyser Power Supply RUDI-EA2:

The RUDI-EA2; a Research Unit Digital Instrument incorporating a novel, modular high voltage power
supply for photoemission and other demanding
research applications.

EA15 Hemispherical Energy Analyser Power Supply

EA15 Analyser Software:

Electron Guns EELS AES Imaging Software

EA15 Hemispherical Energy Analyser Specifications

EA15 Hemispherical  Energy Analyser Specifications:

Analyser mean radius
Pass energies
1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200
Energy resolution
<3 meV FWHM at PE 2 and 20 eV kinetic energy
Kinetic energy range
0-2000 eV
Acquisition modes
Fixed, Scan

Transmission and angular lens mode:
lens acceptance angle (transmission mode)
lens acceptance angle (angular mode)

+/- 15°
+/- 10°

Maximum energy window in fixed mode
12,5% of pass energy
Working distance
Mounting flange

DN 100CF

Bakeout temperature
up to 150°C
Completely designed of non-magnetic materials

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