X-ray Source, Twin Anode for XPS

High intensity twin anode UHV X-ray source for XPS.

The RS 40B1 UHV X-ray source is a new, high intensity twin anode Al/Mg UHV X-ray source optimised for XPS experiments.

RS40B1 High Intensity X-ray Source: Application

Design of the anode, filament and source housing guarantees maximum X-ray intensity and very low crosstalk between the anode faces. A specially configured nose cone allows maximum access to the sample.

RS40B1 High Intensity X-ray Source: Additional Information

• The X-ray inner housing is very efficiently water-cooled in order to reduce thermal damage to the sample
during operation.
• The RS 40B1 has in-built double high voltage protection together with hermetically sealed housing.
• Cooling Box CB01
• Emission Controller XR40B-EC
• Linear Shift or Linear Shift with Tilt (optional)

You can download the data sheet here;  icon X-Ray Source RS40 B1

RS40B1 X-ray Source:

  • Al/Mg coating (others on request)
  • Al/Mg 400/600W
  • crosstalk <0.35%
  • B-field at sample <0.5μT
  • z-retraction 50, 75 or 100mm (tilt optional)
  • bakeout up to 250degC
  • water cooling 4.3-5 bar, 3.5 l/min. flow≥ 2.5 l/min
X-Ray Source Twin Anode for XPS

Controller Set (controller, HV & cooling):

 X-ray Source Software Module:

X-Ray Source Twin Anode for XPS Control SetX-Ray Source Twin Anode for XPS Software

X-Ray Source Dimensions:

 X-Ray Source Twin Anode for XPS Schematic

RS40B1 X-ray Source (summary specifications):

insertion 285mm
mounting flange
internal clearance diameter
output voltage
output current range
max. output power

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