Creator Software

Modules and standalone applications for vacuum device and system control.

Our Creator software package is worth knowing about.

Creator is a Graphical User Interface which represents a collection of separate modules for our full range of instruments and controllers.

Since most of our generic vacuum controllers are fully compatible with third party components (pumps, gauges etc.), Creator can provide an all-in-one control platform for even the most complicated vacuum system.

Each module offers full access to its physical equivalent and many additional features such as save, store and recall of device settings, continuous or discreet recording of data and device parameters, and view/listing of user actions.

Creator can in the first instance be used as a standalone software platform for individual instruments/devices. As more devices are added, each available module can be quickly and easily activated within Creator to allow simple, effective and interlocked control of a complete vacuum system and associated instrumentation from any desktop PC.

Each module can be password protected with a number of user and administrator access levels.

Creator Software

Creator for real-time integration of many devices in any given system:
IS ( Ion Source )
FS (Flood Source)
X ( X-Ray Source )
UV ( Ultra Violet Source )
ES ( Electron Source )
Temperature Control
MG ( Multi-Gauge Controller )
EBV ( Electron Beam Evaporator )
RGA ( Residual Gas Analyzer )
QB (Quartz Balance)
BCU (Bakeout Control Unit )
PCU ( Power Control Unit )
PS-HEAT ( Power Supply - Sample Heater )
CENTER ( Leybold equipment )


Creator MBE Example:

Creator MBEThe Creator MBE Control Module is our dedicated, easy to use software package for long term, stable control of MBE growth processes.

Our application includes:
- PLC control module for controlling water cooling circuit, air flush circuit and evaporator shutter mechanisms
- Quartz balance module for film thickness measurement and deposition rate monitoring
- Sample manipulator module for precision control of sample position
- Sample shutter manipulator module
- Evaporator shutter process control editor which allows the user to define shutter open/close time with 1 ms resolution
- Power supply modules

Creator MBE 2


Full graphics user interface of the complete tool
• Save and recall of all device parameters and settings
• Various user and administrator access levels
• Continuous and discreet monitoring of selected parameters or measured values
• Continuous and discreet recording of selected parameters or measured values
• Graphical interpretation of measured values or selected parameters

Creator Temperature Programmed Desorption Application:

 Creator TDS- Multiple graphical mass views base on all available mass channels
- RGA Mass List Editor including ready to use definitions
- Filament on/off as required
- Save/load thermal process parameters to/from file
- Thermal process creator with graphical process editor
- Temperature controller PID parameter table editor for designing material specific thermal experiments
- Flexible thermal process control: segment start, stop, hold and skip
- Real-time PID parameter control
- Multiple graphical thermal process view: thermal program, real-time thermal controller set point, real-time temperature, all chosen RGA mass channels
- Real-time thermal process printout
- Software panels for real-time monitoring of other hardware devices
- Auto-tune mode of PID parameters based on sample thermal characteristic
- Export of thermal process data to CSV file
- Sophisticated project file with PID Table, Mass List and Thermal Process for easy and quick Design Of Experiment
- Clear graphical data representation
- Annotation markers to add comments on graph
- Process results auto-save option
- Zoom on graph
- Dual operational modes for time axis – automatic and trace mode

Creator Web Interfaces:
Creator Web InterfacesAll of our instruments that have Ethernet communications are fully web enabled and can be controlled and/or monitored over any network, including the internet. The web interfaces are feature rich software applications that don’t require any plugins or local machine software, other than a common web browser.

- Real time view
- Platform independent web application
- Read or Write device parameters.
- Easy access to device from internet

Details of our modular Creator software platform are available for downloaded here; icon Creator Software

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