Quartz Thickness Monitor / Deposition Rate Monitor

Six channel quartz crystal thin film deposition rate / thickness rate controller.

TMC13 Quartz Thickness Monitor / Deposition Rate Controller: Overview

The TMC13 thin film thickness controller is a touch-screen device for independent control of up to 6 (six) quartz crystal heads. It features shutter relays on each channel, two analogue inputs for connection of pressure gauges, and two re-transmission analogue outputs as standard.  It is designed for repeatebale, reliable and accurate control of vacuum based thin film deposithin film deposition rate thickness controllertion processes by providing a direct display and control of film thickness, deposition rate and frequency value.

The TMC13 features an extensive and fully editable materials library, tooling factor parameters and large, easy to view display of average values of thickness, deposition rate and crystal frequency. The display screens can be easily customised to suit a particular operator preference, pressure readings for example can simply added to the main display if a suitable pressure gauge is connected.

Film thickness and deposition rate can be controlled in manual or automatic mode, via thickness or time. The unit also incorporates an alarm list which will warn the operator about crystal frequency and lifetime.

  • simultaneous measurement of thickness, rate & frequency from 6 channels
  • independent relay outputs on each channel
  • user defined materials list and/or manual configuration of material density and acoustic impedance
  • user defined endpoint, tooling factors and primary sensor type
  • analogue inputs and outputs
  • store and recall of user defined configurations

TM13 Deposition Rate Interface

thin film deposition rate thickness monitor

The TMC13 thin film deposition rate controller connects directly with the TM13 frequency measurement interface, a highly accurate, low noise device which converts the signal from the connected quartz crystal. The TM13 can also be used without the TMC13 controller when interfaced directly to a PC. In this configuration it acts as a standalone thickness/rate display but without the control features of the TMC13.

TM Quartz Thickness Monitor:

The TM Quartz Thickness Monitor is the vacuum device containing the quartz measuring crystal. As standard, the sensor head is a water cooled and constructed from non-magnetic materials. The crystal face is parallel to the water cooling feedthrough pipes. The Quartz crystal Quartz Thickness Rate Monitoris an industry standard 6MHz type (14mm diameter) and is mounted on a DN 40CF flange with two 3mm O.D. pipes and Microdot S-50 coaxial connector. The in-vacuum length can be customised to suit.

  • non-magnetic materials
  • water cooled
  • industry standard 14mm dia, 6MHz crystal

Anybus Interface

The TMC13 controller can be chosen with any type of communctions interface using simple plug and swap Anybus communications interfaces. The communcations interface can be swapped and changed at any time.

Anybus communications interface

TMC13 Thin Film Deposition Rate Controller Specifications:

Frequency resolution
Frequency stability
Thickness resolution
0.15  Å
Rate resolution
0.15  Å/sec
Measurement channels
Pressure gauge inputs
2 (0-10V, RJ45 interface)
Mounting flange
DN40CF, insertion length to suit
Bakeout (cables disconnected)
W-212.6mm, 3U height, rack mounted or standalone
90-230V, 50-60Hz
TM13 (RS232), TMC13 (Anybus: RS232, USB, Ethernet etc.)

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