UV Source for UPS, High Intensity

Low cost, high intensity UV source for ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy (UPS). Used & specified by many OEM manufacturers worldwide.

UVS40A2 UV Source

The UVS 40A2 is a high intensity UV Source for UPS that can be operated with various discharge gases, such as helium, neon, krypton, argon, xenon or hydrogen. It is a high specification, cost effective instrument that is used and specified on many other manufacturer's systems. The operation of the lamp is based on the principle of a cold cathode capillary discharge. There is a windowless direct-sight connection between the discharge area and the target. The discharge current is electronically stabilised. The lamp is water cooled in order to allow for high discharge currents. An integral port aligner facilities the positioning of the light spot on the sample in a range of ± 4o. Interlock circuitry protects the UV source from accidental damage.

UV Source Application

The light capillary can be adapted to the experiment by selecting its length and inner diameter. It is available with 1 mm or 1.5 mm ID. (1.5 mm is standard). The outer diameter of the capillary is 8mm and this is placed co-axially into a shielding tube of 9.5 mm OD. Insertion length options are from 10 mm to 350 mm, standard is 220mm (NB the capillary length and ID determine overall performance). The discharge has a maximum photon intensity at a pressure of several mbar in the lamp and so dual differential pumping stages are employed to minimise any effect upon the chamber pressure.

UV Source Additional information

The UVS 40A2 UV Source is designed so that a continuous gas flow through is maintained through the discharge region. This is of great advantage in maintaining the cleanliness of the discharge capillary and results in very long service intervals before the capillary has to be cleaned.

You can download the UVS 40A2 UV Source data sheet here;  icon UV Source UVS40 A2

UVS40A2 UV Source:

  • >8E6 photons/s*sr
  • <1o beam divergence
  • bakeable up to 150oC
  • adjustable He I/He II up to 1:2
  • working distance 27-50mm
UV Source UPS

UV Source Power Supply:

 UV Source Creator Software Module:

UV Source UPS ControllerUV Source UPS Software

UV Source Adjustable HE I/He II Output:

 UV Source UPS Light Output

UVS40A2 UV Source:

photon flux
>8E6 photons/s*sr
beam divergence
mounting flange
insertion depth
220mm (standard, others on request)
stabilised power supply
40-250mA discharge current
in-vacuum side
non-magnetic materials
bakeout temperature
adjustable He I/He II ratio
up to 1:2
web enabled yes

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