Electron Beam Evaporators, E Beam Evaporators

Compact single and multi-cell e-beam evaporators / electron beam evaporators for thin film MBE growth applications.

EBV 40A1 e-beam evaporator / electron beam evaporators

The EBV 40A1 e-beam evaporator / electron beam evaporator is designed for ultra-pure sub-monolayer and multilayer thin film growth by molecular beam epitaxy. Precisely controlled and monitored evaporation delivers deposition rates from as low as 1/10 monolayer per minute with full PID controlled flux regulation. Multi-channel water-cooling ensures ultra-low background pressure (typically in the 1E-10 mbar range) during evaporation enabling growth of ultra-pure layers. The precisely defined evaporant beam means highly uniform deposition on the sample, the deposition area being determined by the distance from the source to the sample and the choice of one of the easily exchangeable exit apertures. The instrument is configured with choice of manual or automatic shutter.

Electron Beam Evaporators: additional information

• Electron Evaporator mounts via DN 40CF flange, fully UHV-compatible, W/Th-filament for evaporation of rod material or from small conductable crucibles
• Power delivery of 50 W for high vapor pressure materials and up to 200 W for crucibles and thick wires
• Evaporation of W, Ta, Mo, C, Pt, Cr, Ti, Fe, etc. from wire and Ag, Au, Al, Ni, etc. from crucibles or wetted wire cages
• Deposition rate ca. 2 nm/min. for high temperature materials and 15-20 nm/min for high vapor pressure materials at 100 mm working distance
• Wire feed 25 mm
• Excellent water cooling by multiple water channels
• Knudsen cell type crucible made from stainless steel
• Full software control
• Flux regulation via ion current incl. electrode, feedthrough, display unit and PID-regulator
• Integrated manual or electro-pneumatic shutter
• Rear-loading evaporant
• Choice of exit nozzle apertures
• Electron Beam Evaporator Power Supply EBV40APS
• Linear Shift (optional)

You can download the EBV40A1 Electron Beam Evaporators data sheet here;
icon Electron Beam Evaporator EBV40 A1

EBV40A1 E-Beam Evaporator:

  • outlet beam dia 4-19mm
  • 3300degC woth Mo connectors
  • electron energy 600-800eV, 200mA
  • rod diameter 0.5-2.3mm
  • working distance 25-75mm
Electron Beam Evaporator

Electron Beam Evaporator Power Supply:

 Electron Beam Evaporator Creator Software Module:

Electron Beam Evaporator SupplyElectron Beam Evaporator Software

 Electron Beam Evaporator Dimensions:

 Electron Beam Evaporator Schematic

EBV40A1 Electron Beam Evaporators:

outlet beam dia for evaporated material
temperature range for evaporated materials
160-2300degC (3300degC woth Mo construction)
electron energy
0-1500eV (typically 600-700eV)/200mA/max power 300W
filament current range
1.8-2.2A, max 2.3A
evaporating rod diameter0.5-2.3mm
temperature monitored cooling cylinder
cooling system
>0.5l/min, max pressure 6bar
in-vacuum length
as specified
insertion depth
212mm, min dia. 34.8mm
mounting flange
fully bakeable
working distance
exit nozzle
 4, 6, 7.4, 10, 14, 19mm

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