Effusion Cells / Thermal Evaporators for MBE

Low cost Effusion Cells / Thermal Evaporators for a wide range of thin film MBE growth applications.

The EF 40C1 Effusion Cells / Thermal Evaporators are highly reproducible and fully UHV compatible sources, designed for indirect resistive heating and delivering highly constant evaporation rates.

Effusion Cells / Thermal Evaporators : Application

The EF 40C1 Effusion Cells are suitable for use in all MBE systems. They have completely molybdenum-free construction and are recommended for use with low to medium vapor pressure materials, those that are likely to be evaporated or sublimed in the temperature range ~250° - 1500°C.

Effusion Cells / Thermal Evaporators : Additional information

• Crucibles – the medium temperature cell is available with 5cc crucible size. The most commonly used crucible materials are PBN and Al2O3 although other materials are available on request
• Integral manual or electro-pneumatic shutter – made of high purity Ta. Isolated from the crucible so that closing the shutter will interrupt the flux without disturbing the equilibrium within the crucible
• Integral water cooling – the EF 40C1 evaporators / effusion sources exhibit excellent cooling characteristics
• Sample Heating Power Supply HEAT1–PS
• Linear Shift (optional)

Data Sheet;  icon Effusion Cell Thermal Evaporator EF40 C1

EF40C1 Effusion Cells / Thermal Evaporators :

  • Ta heater
  • 1500oC operating temp
  • 1600oC degassing temp
  • +/- 1oC temp stability
  • power consumption 300W
  • 100-150mm working distance
  • full software control, web enabled

Effusion Cell / Thermal Evaporator

EF40C1 Effusion Cell Power Supply:

 EF40C1 Effusion Cell Software:

Effusion Cell / Evaporator SupplyEffusion Cell / Evaporator Software


 Effusion Cell / Evaporator Schematic

EF40C1 Thermal Evaporator / Effusion Cell Specifications:

Type C (W/Re 5/25%)
operating temperature
degassing temperature
temperature stability
+/- 1oC
mounting flange
in-vacuum O.D.
in-vacuum length
as specified
power consumption
recommended working distance
degassing without water

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