Electron Guns for AES, EELS, Imaging

Low cost focussed electron guns for AES, EELS and electron pulse/desorption experiments.

The ES 40C1 Electron Guns are scanning electron sources with small a spot profile.
Due to the high transmission of its Einzel-Lens, the ES 40C delivers a high electron beam
current over a wide energy range.
The source insertion depth and shielding material (mu-metal or copper) can be chosen to
match specific experimental requirements.

ES 40C1 Electron Guns: Application

The ES 40C1 electron Guns are designed for a stable and reliable operation in e.g. AES,
scanning applications,imaging, EELS and electron pulse or desorption experiments.

ES40C1 Electron Guns:

  • 1eV - 5keV
  • up tp 200μA
  • DN40CF mounting flange
  • 75mm working distance
  • MIN. 156mm insertion, others on request
  • 10x10mm scan area
  • mu-metal or copper shield option
  • fine focus microformed tip cathode
  • electron source power supply ES40-PS
  • full software control, web enabled

Electron Guns EELS AES Imaging

ES40C1 Electron Guns Power Supply:   

ES40C1 Electron Guns Software:

Electron Guns EELS AES Imaging Supply             Electron Guns EELS AES Imaging Software


 Focussed Electron Source EELS Imaging Schematic

ES40C1 Electron Guns Specifications:

electron energy
currentup to 200μA
insertionmin 156mm others on request OD: 34.5mm
working distance
mounting flange
ethernet IP (many others on request)
web enabled

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