Electron Flood Guns

Low cost electron flood guns for charge neutralisation.

The FS 40A1 is a compact, easy to use and reliable electron flood gun for charge neutralisation of insulators or semiconductors in XPS/AES and SIMS applications.

The electron flood gun operates over two energy ranges 0 ...10 and 10 ... 500 eV, is fully software controlled and can also be supplied with custom insertion lengths and shielding materials, e.g. mu-metal, copper. The electron current is continuously variable over the range 0.1 to 500 μA.

Standard insertion depth is 145 mm and recommended working distance is 41 mm. Mounting flange is DN 40CF.

You can download the data sheet here;  icon Electron Flood Gun FS40 A1

FS40A1 Electron Flood Guns:

  • 0...10eV & 10...500eV
  • 0.1-500μA
  • DN40CF mounting flange
  • 41mm working distance
  • 15-25mm spot diameter
  • 145mm insertion
  • mu-metal/copper shield options
  • electron source power supply IS40C-PS
  • full software control, web enabled

Electron Flood Guns Source Charge Neutralisation

Electron Flood Guns Power Supply:

 Electron Flood Guns Software:

Electron Flood Guns Charge Neutralisation Power SupplyElectron Flood Guns Charge Neutralisation Software


 Electron Flood Gun Source Charge Neutralisation Schematic

FS40A Electron Flood Source Specifications:
spot size
15mm-25mm at working distance
electron energy
0...10eV and 10...500eV
working distance
mounting flange
ethernet IP (many others on request)
web enabled

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