UHV Argon Ion Gun for SIMS/ESCA/XPS

Focussed and scanning UHV argon ion gun for SIMS/ESCA/XPS depth profiling applications.

The IS 40E1 scanning ion source is a two lens extractor type UHV argon ion gun for depth profiling in SIMS/XPS/ESCA applications. The two lens system allows easy and continuous variation of spot size over the primary energy range of 0.15 keV to  5 keV and with beam current density of up to 4 mA/cm2.

The slim profile and specially designed nose-cone angle of 50° ensure best fit even in crowded chamber environments. The filament is non-line-of-sight to the sample, thereby minimising contamination from the source. It is field replaceable with non-critical alignment and long lifetime, making replacement both quick and economical compared with other designs.

The yttria coated iridium filament operates at considerably lower operating temperatures than other cathodes, greatly reducing beam contamination. Additionally the cathode allows operation with reactive gases such as O2, H2 and hydrocarbons, but with correspondingly reduced lifetime.

The scanning area is 10x10 mm at the standard working distance of 23 mm and the sputter crater is extremely homogeneous over the scan area. This results in precise depth profiles with maximum depth resolution.

There are two ports for differential pumping. In usual operation the first differential pumping stage is linked to the pumping line of the second differential stage via a throttle valve. The second differential stage utilises the host UHV system pump set. The source inlet is an all metal bakeable UHV gas inlet with fine adjust leak valve. As an option, a Wien Mass Filter may be retrofitted for elimination of unwanted isotopes, impurities, multiply charged ions and neutral species.

Standard insertion length is 163mm and mounting flange is a rotatable DN 40CF.

You can download the data sheet here; icon UHV Argon Ion Gun IS40 E1

IS40E Argon Ion Gun:

  • 0.15keV to 5keV energy range
  • up to 4 mA/cm2 (argon)
  • 150μm to 1000μm variable spot size
  • working distance 23-100mm
  • 10mmx10mm scan area at 23mm working distance
  • operation with other gases
  • optional Wien mass filter
  • Ion Source Power Supply IS40E-PS
  • full software control, web enabled

Argon Ion Gun Depth Profiling SIMS AES XPS

Argon Ion Gun Power Supply:

 Argon Ion Gun  Software Module:

Argon Ion Gun Depth Profiling SIMS AES XPS SupplyArgon Ion Gun Depth Profiling SIMS AES XPS Software


 Argon Ion Gun Depth Profiling SIMS AES XPS Dims

IS40E Argon Ion Gun Specifications:

ion energy
0.15keV to 5keV (argon)
ion current density
up to 4mA/cm2 (argon)
working distance
minimum spot size 150μm (fully variable up to 1000μm)
current density with 800μA spot size
XY deflection
10mmx10mm on the sample
insertion depth
mounting flange
DN40CF, rotatable
dual mode, 0s-9.99hr
scan speed (time/dot)
ethernet IP (many others on request)
web enabled

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