UHV Surface Science Instruments

State of the art analytical instruments for UHV, vacuum and surface science applications.


EA15 Hemispherical Energy Analyser:

Energy Analyser intended to provide high-resolution PES measurements.



Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer:

MAX Series Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer. High resolution and high mass options for a wide range of applications in physics, chemistry and materials research.

UHV TPD Mass Spectrometers:

UHV TPD mass spectrometers for UHV thermal desorption spectroscopy. 100, 200 or 300amu mass range.



UHV Ion Flood Gun / Ion Source for Sample Cleaning:

UHV Ion flood gun / ion source for sample surface cleaning in UHV applications.

MAX- SIMS Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers:

High performance SIMS quadrupole mass spectrometer.



UHV Argon Ion Gun for SIMS/ESCA/XPS:

Focussed and scanning UHV argon ion gun for SIMS/ESCA/XPS depth profiling applications.

Electron Flood Guns:

Low cost electron flood guns for charge neutralisation.



Electron Guns for AES, EELS, Imaging:

Low cost focussed electron guns for AES, EELS and electron pulse/desorption experiments.

Effusion Cells / Thermal Evaporators for MBE:

Low cost Effusion Cells / Thermal Evaporators for a wide range of thin film MBE growth applications.



Electron Beam Evaporators, E Beam Evaporators:

Compact single and multi-cell e-beam evaporators / electron beam evaporators for thin film MBE growth applications.

UV Source for UPS, High Intensity:

Low cost, high intensity UV source for ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy (UPS). Used & specified by many OEM manufacturers worldwide.



X-ray Source, Twin Anode for XPS:

High intensity twin anode UHV X-ray source for XPS.

Quartz Thickness Monitor / Deposition Rate Monitor:

Six channel quartz crystal thin film deposition rate / thickness rate controller.



Creator Software:

Modules and standalone applications for vacuum device and system control.

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