UHV Ion Flood Gun / Ion Source for Sample Cleaning

UHV Ion flood gun / ion source for sample surface cleaning in UHV applications.

The UHV ion flood gun IS 40C1 is a compact, easy-to-use extractor type ion flood source for sample surface cleaning. It is mounted on a DN 40CF flange and powered by a slim, 19” rack mounted digital power supply.

The ion flood source generates a current of 15-25μA/cm2 (Argon) With Gaussian beam profile. The beam diameter and current density depend on the source-to-sample distance. The mounting length of the ion flood gun is adaptable to individual requirements (standard is 63mm).

There is a Direct Gas Inlet in the ionisation volume via an integrated DN 16CF port. The Y-oxide coated iridium filament is arranged in a non-line-of sight configuration is suitable for operation with all noble gases and with reactive gases such as O2, H2 and CH4 (but with correspondingly reduced lifetime).

The special arrangement of the accelerating electrode and anode ensures very long term stability characteristics. The ion current can be varied over a wide range.

You can download the data sheet here; icon Ion Source IS40 C1

IS40C1 Ion Flood Gun / Ion Flood Source:

  • 0.12keV to 5keV energy range
  • 15-25μA/cm2 (Argon)
  • operation with other gases
  • Ion Source Power Supply IS40C-PS
  • full software control, web enabled
  • Linear Shift (optional)

UHV Ion Source Sample Cleaning

Ion Power Supply:

 Ion Source Software:

UHV Ion Source Sample Cleaning power SupplyUHV Ion Source Sample Cleaning Software


 UHV Ion Source Sample Cleaning Schematic

IS40C1 Ion Flood Gun / Ion Source Specifications:

ion energy
0.12keV to 5keV (argon)
ion current density
15-25μA/cm2 (argon)
electron ionisation current 0.01mA to 10mA
mounting flange
dual mode, 0s-9.99hr
ethernet IP (many others on request)
web enabled

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