UHV TPD Mass Spectrometers

UHV TPD mass spectrometers for UHV thermal desorption spectroscopy. 100, 200 or 300amu mass range.

Our UHV TPD mass spectrometers are a precision triple filter quadrupole available with 100, 200 or 300amu range. Specifically configured for the lowest possible background/outgassing characteristics whilst simultaneously delivering the industry's fastest scan speeds over the entire dynamic range.

UHV TPD mass spectrometers are available for integration with existing UHV systems or in combination with the PTS 1200 degC sample heater/holder and software driven dual resistive/e-beam heater power supply with PID control. This TPD 'set' is delivered with our dedicated TPD software package which is specifically designed for programmed temperature control and data acquisition.

For a complete solution we also offer the 'Atlas' UHV TPD Station, a standalone UHV system with a wide range of upgrade/integration possibilities.

UHV Temperature Programmed Desorption (TPD)

NB for atmospheric pressure TPD/R/O please see the Cirrus Mass Spectrometer

• High stability triple filter quadrupole

• Platinum ion source, vacuum annealed

• Integrated ion source shroud

• Dedicated TPD software application

• Fast scanning over wide dynamic range

• I/O start/stop & temperature inputs

• Web enabled browser operation of all components

• Optional high stability z-shift

UHV TPD Mass Spectrometer

PTS UHV Sample Holders & Power Supply:

 Dedicated UHV TPD MS Software: Thermal Process Editor

UHV Sample Holder Heater

TPD Heater Supply
TPD Software

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