XYZ Vacuum Manipulators

High rigidity, low cost UHV XYZ mini manipulators.

The XYZ Vacuum Manipulators are a precision, high rigidity UHV specimen translator having X, Y and Z motions. The standard mounting flange is DN 63CF and the standard travelling flange is DN 40CF. All three axes are merged in one miniature stage that delivers outstanding performance at exceptionally low prices. The translators can work in any orientation.

The XYZ Vacuum Manipulator has been designed for ease and convenience of use. X and Y movement is +/- 12,5 mm, depending on the accessories that are fitted. Z movement is 75-250 mm, depending on the application.

Additional information
The Z movement can be motorised providing 1um resolution in that axis.

XYZ Vacuum Manipulators

XYZ Mini Manipulator UHVXYZ Mini Manipulator UHV Schematic
XYZ Mini Manipulators
XYZ Mini Manipulator Stage Schematic

XYZ Vacuum Manipulator Specifications

mounting flange
DN63CF or DN100CF
travelling flange
bakeout temperature
150 degC
position control
micrometer (XY)/handwheel (Z)
range of travel
+/- 12.5mm (XY)/75-200mm (Z)

Details of our full range of XYZ vacuum manipulators solutions are available for downloaded here;icon UHV Manipulators

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