UHV Manipulator Control & Software

Advanced control software for multi-axis UHV manipulators.

The Multi-Axis Control application has been designed for simple control of up to 6 motorised manipulator axes. Compared with manual control, very high resolution and repeatability of all manipulator axes is guaranteed with specifically designed control algorithms and routines.

Both relative and absolute motions are implemented as standard. For ultimate precision, it is also possible to define ‘backlash elimination’ mode together with a backlash value. A special ‘one direction backlash mode’ extends the repeatability and resolution for each axis that doesn’t otherwise have compensated mechanical backlash. We have also included some extremely practical user features that we believe will greatly enhance everyday tasks.

For example, groups of user defined measurement points make it possible to easily store and recall any particular position, ensuring that measurements can be made at the precise  same position, every time. A very flexible and user defined relative “zero position” also makes it possible to set any default position (including zero position) of any axis at any time.

An optional joystick controlled mode offers easy control of all motorized axes using a standard PC joystick (including wireless). This makes it possible to view the sample holder through a viewport whilst changing and visually monitoring the position.

CMCD Control Unit   

Prevac Creator

XYZ Manipulator Software
XYZ Manipulator Software

XYZ Manipulator Software Axis Setup
 XYZ Manipulator Software Axis Calibration
 XYZ Manipulator Software Axis Calibration XYZ Manipulator Software Axis Calibration

Details of our modular Creator software platform are available for downloaded here; icon Creator Software

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