UHV Goniometers

Precision two axis UHV goniometers for Angular Resolved UPS (ARUPS).

The precision, two axis ARUPS goniometer stage is designed specifically for anti-clash and sample access. Both axes are fitted with vernier readouts of 0.1 degree precision. Full 360 degree R1 rotation in the horizontal plane (with no sources hindering the movement). 90 degree R2 rotation from vertically upward pointing to horizontal. Stepper motor controller with external panel and computer interface. Bakeable stepper motors (do not have to be removed during bakeout) with mounting kit for R1 and R2 rotations.

The Goniometer’s head permits precision sample positioning and alignment motion at the sample location.
Installation of a goniometer head enables rotations, translations and flip movements with various accuracies. Sample faces can be held on axis, allowing a single sample site to be investigated during a change of angle. The goniometer is fabricated entirely from UHV compatible materials, has anti-backlash spring-loaded gearing, and can also be fitted with heating, cooling and sample transfer options.

Additional information
For non-magnetic measurements UHV goniometers are constructed from non-magnetic materials. Beryllium copper (BeCu) or bronze bearings and aluminum alloys are used for basic non-magnetic applications. Titanium materials are employed for lower Gauss levels. For more information please contact our Technical Support Department.


UHV Goniometer Detail

UHV GoniometerUHV Goniometer Schematic
UHV Goniometers
UHV Goniometer Schematic

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