Wobble Sticks

Range of UHV wobble sticks with custom lengths and numerous movement options.

Wobble Sticks allow the transmission of relatively simple hand movements through the vacuum wall. The flexible bellows provide a cone of movement as well as a limited degree of linear movement at the end of the wobble stick. Standard mounting flange is DN 40CF.

Wobble Stick Versions

Wobble Sticks with Rotating Tips are used mainly to operate in vacuum mechanisms such as shutters, adjustment probes and variable orifices.

Wobble Sticks with Parallel Mobile Tips are generally used to transport sample holders or other objects while keeping the shaft parallel. They are used to transfer sample holders from e.g. a linear transfer mechanism to a sample receiving station on a manipulator.

Wobble Sticks with parallel mobile tips are designed to grip samples or other parts in UHV conditions and transfer them from e.g. a transfer mechanism to an analysis instrument such as an STM.

Customised Wobble Sticks

Custom shaft lengths and Z travel ranges are available on request.

Wobble Stick with GripperWobble Stick with Parallel Mobile Tip
Wobble Stick with Rotating TipWobble Stick with Parallel Mobile Tip

 Wobble Stick with Gripping and Rotating Tip
 Wobble Stick with Gripping and Rotating Tip

Wobble Stick/Rotating Tip
Wobble Stick/Mobile Tip
Wobble Stick/Parallel Tip
Z travel range
angular range
17o 22o (0-52o tip range)  +/- 22o
mounting flange
bakeout temperature
200 degC
 200 degC 200 degC

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