Vacuum Rotary Feedthroughs

Bellows sealed UHV rotary feedthroughs.

The UHV Vacuum Rotary Feedthrough 360 is a manually operated bellows-sealed rotary motion feedthrough with edge welded bellows and ball bearing construction. The rotary motion range of this feedthrough is 360 degrees. We also have a 90 degree version used mainly for vacuum shutter mechanisms and a rotary motion linear feedthrough used mainly for e.g. simple substrate movements. Standard mounting flange is DN 16CF. Any mounting orientation is permitted.

The Rotary Feedthrough 360 is intended for precise UHV manipulation.

Additional information
Custom shaft lengths and diameters are available on request.
Devices are fitted with stop/lock mechanisms.


Rotary FeedthroughUHV Vacuum Rotary Feedthrough 90
UHV Vacuum Rotary Feedthrough 360
UHV Vacuum Rotary Feedthrough 90

 UHV Vacuum Rotary Feedthrough Linear
UHV Vacuum Rotary Feedthrough Linear

Rotary Feedthrough 360
Rotary Feedthrough 90
 Rotary Feedthrough Linear
mounting flange
shaft O.D.
 4mm 6mm
mounting flange
bakeout temperature
200 degC
 200 degC 200 degC
360 degrees continuous
 90 degrees

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