UHV XY Manipulators

UHV XY Manipulators for vacuum device manipulation.

The XY Stage is a precision, high rigidity UHV specimen translator having X and Y motions. Standard mounting flange is DN 160CF. A DN 100CF mounting flange version is also available. The translator can work in any orientation.

The UHV XY Manipulators have been designed for ease and convenience of use. X and Y movement is +/- 12.5 mm, depending on the accessories that are fitted. They can also be used to reposition a chamber port with an axis that is parallel to, but slightly off, the desired direction. In this last usage it is sometimes referred to as an XY adjuster and is a very economical alternative to other devices.

Additional information
The XY Stages are often combined with Z Shifts to produce a high precision XYZ manipulator with three degrees of freedom. The XY Stage can also be fitted with stepper motors for applications requiring highest accuracy.


UHV XY StageUHV XY Stage Schematic
Standard UHV XY Stage
Standard UHV XY Stage Schematic

 Motorised XY Stage Stepper Motor for XY Stage
Motorised XY Stage
Stepper Motor for XY Stage

 Standard/High Stability/Tilt Versions
mounting flange
DN100CF or DN160CF
travelling flange
DN63CF or DN100CF
max. internal I.D.
bakeout temperature
150 degC
position control
micrometer (manual)/stepper motor (motorised)
range of travel
+/- 12.5mm
5um (manual)/1um (motorised)
5um (manual)/1um (motorised)
max. travel speed motorised version

Details of our full range of UHV XY manipulators solutions are available for downloaded here;icon UHV Manipulators

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