UHV Manipulators and UHV Sample Transfer

Multi-axis vacuum UHV manipulators with up to 6 degrees of freedom, manual or motorised and with a wide range of temperature controlled sample holders. Full range of vacuum UHV manipulators, z-shifts, linear and rotary feedthroughs and xy stages.


UHV Manipulators:

UHV manipulators. Manual and motorized versions with sample bias, heating and cryo-cooling options.



UHV Sample Holders:

Widest range of UHV sample holders with electrical, heating and cooling options.

UHV Linear Transfer Mechanisms:

Field free UHV linear transfer mechanisms. Ranges from 400 to 1600mm.




UHV Z-shifts with wide range of flange and bore size options.

UHV XY Manipulators:

UHV XY Manipulators for vacuum device manipulation.



XYZ Vacuum Manipulators:

High rigidity, low cost UHV XYZ mini manipulators.

Vacuum Rotary Feedthroughs:

Bellows sealed UHV rotary feedthroughs.



Differentially Pumped Rotary Feedthroughs:

Differentially pumped rotary feedthrough providing 360 degrees continuous rotation.

Wobble Sticks:

Range of UHV wobble sticks with custom lengths and numerous movement options.



UHV Goniometers:

Precision two axis UHV goniometers for Angular Resolved UPS (ARUPS).

UHV Manipulator Control & Software:

Advanced control software for multi-axis UHV manipulators.


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