UHV Sample Heater - Dual Mode

Dual resistive and e-beam UHV sample heater with full local software and web browser control.

The HEAT2-PS is a dual mode power supply designed for UHV sample heating via resistance or electron beam methods. Resistive heating is controlled by an integrated PID temperature controller and heating element. Electron beam heating utilises an electron emitter at negative potential which accelerates electrons onto the grounded sample, heating it by electron bombardment. Electron beam heating is suitable for sample heating up to 2000°C.

It operates equally as well with home made sample heaters or with any sample heater from our UHV sample holder range.

The unit is also fully software controlled and web-enabled so that it can be operated over any network, including the internet.

HEAT2-PS Dual Mode UHV Sample Heater:

Software Controlled & Web Enabled:

Dual Mode UHV Sample Heater HEAT2-PS

Dual Mode UHV Sample Heater HEAT2-PS Software

Heat2-PS Dual Mode UHV Sample Heater Specifications:
Supply voltage
110 or 230V, 50-60Hz, specify at time of order
Temperature range control
up to 2000 degC

Resistive output power

E-beam output power

0-10A at 30VDC, max 300W

0-1000V at 250mA, max 300W

Regulation method
Built in PID controller
Temperature ramp rate
0.1 degC/hr to 1000 degC/sec

Heater current ramp rate (resistive)

Emission voltage ramp rate (e-beam)

0.1 to 10 A/min

10 to 100 V/min

Thermocouple (x2)

Type C or K

Optional: DT670/DT470 silicon diodes which are capable of measuring temperature over the range 1.4-500K in cryogenic systems

User interface
Large high brightness LCD alphanumeric
Dimensions19” rack mount or standalone

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