PCU16 Vacuum System Controller

Compact and highly functional vacuum system power controller with touch-screen interface.

The PCU16 vacuum system controller is a compact, standalone microprocessor device for controlling one complete UHV vacuum system. It supports one ultra-high vacuum pump (e. g. turbo molecular pump, ion pump, cryo pump, etc.), electromagnetic vent valve, electromagnetic safety valve, fore vacuum pump and two vacuum gauges based on the 0..10V output standard.

The full range of Oerlikon-Leybold gauges are implemented as standard : ITR100, ITR90, PTR237/9, PTR90, TTR90, but any other gauge from any other manufacturer can also be supported.

The PCU16 displays the state of all of the connected peripheral devices on a large colour touch-screen interface, providing clear readouts of important system parameters to the user.

The unit comprises several interlocks to protect the vacuum system in the event of power loss or in the case that a pump or other device might fail.

The front display MIMIC diagram can be customised by the user in order to represent their particular locations of chamber, valves, gauges and pumps, thereby providing an accurate, easy to follow representation of the system status.

The unit is also fully software controlled and web-enabled so that it can be operated over any network, including the internet.

It offers exceptional value for money and functionality compared with individual controllers and comparable units on the market.

PCU16 Vacuum System Power Controller:

Software Controlled & Web Enabled:

 PCU16 Vacuum System Power Control Unit

PCU14 Vacuum System Power Control Unit Software

PCU16 Vacuum System Power Control Unit
Supply voltage
90-230VAC, 50-60Hz



Any 0-10V analogue gauge

Any 0-10V analogue gauge

Measurement range
1E-10 mbar - 1000 mbar (gauge dependent)
Supported valves
Any 24V 2A max (power supplied by the PCU14)
Supported fore vacuum pump
any 1 phase 230VAC 5A max
or 1 - 3 phase with external interface
Supported turbo pump
RS234/485 connected via TURBO.DRIVE S
any with the standard ON/OFF control
User interface
Large LCD MIMIC display and softkey controls
Dimensions212 x 128 x 250 (19" rack mount 1/2 width)

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