Ion Gauge Controller Dual Channel - MG13

Low cost dual channel Bayard-Alpert ion gauge controller with full local software and web browser control.

The MG13 Bayard-Alpert Ion Gauge Controller supports 2 vacuum gauges connected at once: One Bayard-Alpert ion gauge and any other existing vacuum gauge on the market based on the 0-10V output standard.

As standard, all of Oerlikon-Leybold vacuum gauges and ion gauges are supported: ITR 100, ITR 90, DI 200, DI 2000, TTR 211 S, TTR 91, PTR 225. Any others can be implemented as an option, e.g. MKS, Pfeiffer Vacuum etc.

Although just 1U height, the ion gauge controller is able to display both channels at once on the large alphanumeric LCD display. The high brightness blue display provides clear readout from large viewing angles and long distances.

A unique feature of the MG13 ion gauge controller is the availability of 4 interlocks, each of which can be separately programmed for each channel, including threshold levels and hysteresis. The measurement channels are active immediately upon power-up and ready for emission.

Ion Gauge Controller - Dual Channel

Channel 1 is a dedicated channel for ion gauges. It features very flexible ion gauge parameter settings and is therefore suitable for use with almost all commercially available third party ion gauges. The controller is perfectly suited for 2 stage pumps group units, where two ranges (low and high vacuum) need to be controlled. In addition, the emission control facility automatically controls the emission of ion gauges for low vacuum measurement. The operational status of all triggers and transmitter outputs are also displayed.

The ion gauge controller is also fully software controlled and web-enabled so that it can be operated over any network, including the internet.

MG13 Ion Gauge Controller - Dual Channel:

Software Controlled & Web Enabled:

 UHV Multi Ion Gauge Controller MG13

Multi Vacuum Gauge Control Software

MG13 Ion Gauge Controller Specifications
Supply voltage
90-240VAC, 50-60Hz



Any Bayard-Alpert ion gauge

Any 0-10V analogue output gauge

Measurement range
1E-11 to 1000mbar (B-A gauge dependent)
AccuracyRelative to voltage reading: ±1mV
mbar, Pa, Torr, Micron
Measuring rate
Display rate
Relay outputs 3 x NO, 1 x NC. Independently programmable for each channel.
User interface
Large LCD display 2 x 20 characters Function keys.
Dimensions240 x 260 x 44

Full specifications for our complete range of multi-gauge controllers can be download here; icon Henniker Scientific - MG Series Ion Gauge Controllers (468.45 kB)

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