Vacuum and UHV Bakeout Equipment

UHV bakeout equipment, including bakeout controllers, bakeout heater supplies, tents & jackets.

We provide standard and customised UHV bakeout solutions including table heaters, microprocessor controlled bakeout control units, tents and frames and heater jackets.

External Bakeout Sets

The Bakeout Sets are mounted outside the chamber on a frame table and apply heat  to the air side surfaces only. TUHV Vacuum Bakeout Tentshey are augmented as appropriate by a shaped insulating tent built around the system. Tents are made of double isolated aluminium covered glass fiber material (aluminium side visible, no contact to support material) with overlaps for closing the tents using 100 mm clamps. Max contact temperature of the tents is 260°C

A typical bakeout tent set comprises:
• Resistive coil heater & fan
• BCU bakeout controller (see below)
• Heater tray
• Heater shield

BCU Bakeout Controller

Dual Zone UHV Bakeout Controller

The BCU13 Bakeout Control Unit is a microprocessor controlled device for independent control of two heating zones of a vacuum system. The single unit has two independently controlled and regulated 10kW heater power supplies with independent timers, thermocouple inputs and ramp/hold/set-point functions built in.

It is capable of controlling up to 9 heaters; 3 regulated and 6 unregulated.

An additional option allows the customer to independently control other non-regulated heaters such as those used for ion pumps.

The unit is also fully software controlled and web-enabled so that it can be operated over any network, including the internet. Additionally control can be realised via serial communications protocol for interfacing with existing control systems.

BCU13 Dual Zone Bakeout Controller Specifications
Supply voltage
3x 400VAC, 20A max.
Temperature range control
up to 400 degC
Output power
up to 10kW per zone, 230VAC or 3x400VAC
Regulation method
PID, no parameter input required
Accuracy (for 2kW/m3)
better than +/- 2 degC
high vacuum
2 independent
2, independent for each zone, continuous or timed
User interface
LCD alphanumeric display 2 x 20 LCD display with function keys
Dimensions 210 x 128 x 25 mm (W x H x D) - control panel
490 x 130 x 380 mm (W x H x D) - complete set 1-4heating zones in 19” enclosure
Weight 350g control panel

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