PVD Magnetron Sputtering Systems / Sputter Deposition Systems

Custom, compact R&D magnetron thin film sputter desposition systems.

Our thin film magnetron sputter deposition systems represent the very latest concept in cost effective R&D or production prototyping PVD. The TRI-DEP system is a multi-technique sputtering system/thermal and electron beam evaporation system. The CLAM II is our feature rich multi-task sputtering system.PVD Magnetron Sputter Deposition Systems

TRI-DEP: Multi-Source PVD System

Under complete interlocked software control with powerful thin film sputter deposition multilayer recipe editor, the TRI-DEP is a multi-source PVD system which can be configured with varous sources or mixtures of sources for:

  • Magnetron Sputter Deposition (RF, DC, Pulsed DC)
  • Thermal Evaporation
  • Electron Beam Evaporation

Optionally integrated accessories and diagnostics include:

  • ion energy analyzers
  • ion sources for substrate cleaning
  • reactive sputter deposition control
  • residual gas analyzers
  • Langmuir probes
  • sputter deposition rate monitoring and control 

TRI-DEP sputter deposition systems can be supplied with up to 4 sources/targets and with or without load lock chambers and linear transfer mechanism. Multiple sample stages feature integrated sample bias and controlled heating and temperature measurement.

The target mounting stage on the bottom face of the chamber is designed so that it can be effortlessly exchanged with matching stages that are configured with magnetron, thermal, e-beam or combination sources, providing a truly multi-technique, multi-deposition system that is ideal for both small scale production and R&D prototyping.

CLAM II: Magnetron Sputter Deposition SystemClam II Magnetron Sputtering Deposition System

The CLAM II is our flagship R&D sputtering system, the motorized CLAM opening providing full, unobstructed access for the easiest possible maintenance and service operations.

The system is of UHV construction with a double, differentially pumped CLAM seal achieving base pressures of <1E-9mbar. It features seven UHV sputter-up 2" circular targets that can operate at the focal point or vertically upwards. The system also features a shutter with in-vacuum stepper motor for step layer deposition.

A two-axis motorized manipulator contains two x 1 inch sample receiving stations, one positioned at the focal point and one over the vertical position.

Clam II Magnetron Sputtering Deposition System Sputter Sources

Other features:

  • configured for reactive sputtering
  • 2 x 360 degree continuous rotation sample holder with full software positional indexing
  • sample heating up to 1200 degC with on sample temperature measurement
  • 4 x position introduction chamber with halogen lamp
  • in-situ ion source for sample cleaning
  • deposition rate quartz balance operating in both DC and RF depositing modes
  • CCD camera
  • residual gas analyzer
  • 150 degC bakeout

Sputtering System Control Software

Under complete PLD interlocked software control with powerful thin film deposition Process Editor software, our PVD systems deliver the very latest in ease of use and functionality.

Clam II Magnetron Sputter Deposition System Software Simple, powerful one glance status screens

Clam II Magnetron Sputter Deposition System Software View Detailed graphical representation of all parameters

Clam II Magnetron Sputter Deposition System Software View 2 Process view with full recording, review and control

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