Custom Vacuum Systems and Custom UHV Systems

Custom research vacuum systems & UHV systems for a wide variety of applications.

Custom Vacuum Systems & UHV Systems: Design & Fabrication

We have fabricated and delivered hundreds of custom Vacuum systems and UHV systems wordwide and for a diverse range of applications including;

  • space simulation systems
  • molecular beam cluster deposition
  • vacuum evaporation
  • outgassing measurement systems
  • pulsed laser deposition
  • PVD magnetron sputtering
  • research MBE systems
  • spin coaters

We can design and manufacture a vacuum system or UHV system to your exact requirements, whether a relatively simple single chamber, manually operated vacuum rig, or the most sophisticated, fully automated multi-chamber UHV system equipped with a range of manipulators, heating and cooling capabilities and integrated deposition and analysis instruments and techniques.

Vacuum System UHV System CAD Design

 Vacuum System UHV System CAD Design

 Vacuum System UHV System CAD Design

Example Vacuum Systems and UHV Systems

Below are just a selection of examples of our custom vacuum systems and UHV systems.

Please use our contact form to request a full catalogue or to discuss your requirements with us.

Compact Magnetron PVD Sputtering Vacuum System:Custom Vacuum System I

The image to the right shows a compact, custom PVD system configured for large area sputter coatings on glass. The concept started with a simple sketch from the client. The system incorporates;

  • Two rectangular magnetron sources
  • Linear ion source
  • Internal roll mechanism
  • Fully integrated and software controlled vacuum system.

Combined Sputtering/Thermal Evaporation Vacuum System:Custom Vacuum System II

This standalone coating system can be configured with a range of physical and thermal deposition sources, with option for future upgrade to include a multi-sample load-lock chamber. The system incorporates;

  • Up to 6 deposition sources
  • Magnetron, thermal or e-beam evaporation
  • Resistive sample heating (to 1000degC)
  • Ion source for sample cleaning
  • Deposition rate controller

UHV Systems for Atomic & Molecular Studies:Custom UHV system for atomic and molecular collisions

  • interaction of electrons and photons with atoms, molecules and clusters from (supersonic) crossed molecular beams
  • various plasma discharges
  • interaction of accelerated atoms, molecules and charged particles with surfaces
  • surface sorption/desorption processes
  • thin film deposition

Vacuum Systems for Outgassing Studies:

Simple, compact bench-top system with spare ports for future expansion. Prepared primarily for UHV outgassing studies including;Custom UHV System for Vacuum Outgassing

  • Bakeout heater jackets (not shown)
  • Linear transfer mechanism
  • Load lock mechanism
  • Sample heater with 300amu triple filter TPD mass spectrometer
  • Ion gauges

Vacuum Systems for Evaporation:

Vacuum System for Evaporation

Fully software controlled vacuum evaporation system with vacuum chamber, mechanical and turbomolecular pumps, high current low voltage circuit and effusion cell.

The system includes automated plasma cleaning routines prior to evaporation.

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