High Pressure Residual Gas Analysers

The HPQ3 and HPQ3S High Pressure Residual Gas Analysers represent the latest in pump free, high pressure process residual gas analyser technology. They are ideal for a wide range of vacuum related process monitoring applications because they operate at high pressures and do not require a support pumping package. The resulting system is less complex, with reduced installation and ongoing service requirements, offering a higher level of reliability at a substantially lower cost.

High Pressure Residual Gas Analysers - Technology:

  • High intrinsic sensitivity.
  • Gas specific high pressure algorithms.
  • Measure gas composition trends.
  • Instant alert to deviations.
High Pressure RGA

Simultaneous Display/Wide Dynamic Range:Real-Time Gas Composition Analysis:
 High Pressure Residual Gas Analyser SoftwareHigh Pressure Residual Gas Analyser Software

High Pressure Residual Gas Analysers



Mass Range2-80 amu2-80 amu
Max Operating Pressure1 mTorrup to 8 mTorr*
Min Detectable Concentration5 ppm5ppm 
Stabilitybetter than +/- 0.1 amu over 8 hours
Resolution1 amu at 10% peak height
Bakeout Temperature 250 degree C 
Mounting FlangeDN-35-CF
Ion Sourcetwin filament
Electron Energyset through Process Eye 2000 recipe
Emission Currentset through Process Eye 2000 recipe 
* process dependent 

Download Data Sheet: icon HPQ3 Data Sheet (365.47 kB)

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