Residual Gas Analysers (RGA) for Vacuum Applications

The new range of eVision2 residual gas analysers with web-enabled technology deliver unrivalled data acquisition speed and quality not possible with previous design residual gas analysers. Patented technology ensures millisecond data point collection even over the full dynamic measurement range and without any loss of data quality. Perfect for rapid leak detection, accurate vacuum diagnostics, chamber diagnostics and contamination monitoring, eVision2 residual gas analysers provide all the

Residual Gas Analysers - Latest Smart Head Technology:

  • Integrated web server, operate your residual gas analyser and review data from anywhere in the world, or just from your desk.eVision2 Residual Gas Analyser (RGA)
  • 100 or 200 amu mass range options.
  • Multiple modes of operation including vacuum survey, leak detect, bar graph etc.
  • Operation over any TCP/IP network, including the internet.

Residual Gas Analysers with Clear Technology Leadership:

  • Intelligent acquisition that skips larger peaks if requested to do so in order to increase electron multiplier lifetime (download application note here).
  • Fastest data acquisition over largest dynamic range of any commercial residual gas analyser. Perfect for closed-loop control applications and fast event studies.

Advanced RGA Web Browser Applet:

Optional EasyViewTM Application:
Residual Gas Analyser (RGA) SoftwareResidual Gas Analyser (RGA) Software

UHV Surface Analysis Diagnostics:

 Residual Gas Analser Installed in UHV Surface Analysis Equipment

Residual Gas Analyser


Mass Range 100 or 200 amu
Detector Faraday only or dual Faraday/SEM
Max Operating Pressure

 1E-4 Torr

Min Detectable Partial Pressure

(3σ baseline noise at 300ms integration)

 2E-11 Torr (Far)

 5E-14 Torr (SEM)

Stability Better than +/- 0.1 amu over 8 hours
 Better than 10% valley throughout mass range
Bakeout Temperature 250 degree C
Mounting Flange DN-35-CF
Operating Temperature
200°C Faraday only with electronics <40°C
150°C Multiplier with electronics <40°C and pressure <1e-8 mbar
90°C Multiplier with electronics <40°C and pressure <1e-5 mbar
Mass Filter 100mm

Residual Gas Analyser Electronics


Mounted Weight on Flange
Power24V DC, 2A external universal voltage supply (included)

10/100 Base-T Ethernet, static or automatically assigned IP addresses

Data collection methodsAnalogue scanning, full mass range 8, 16 or 32 points/amu
Barchart scanning
Peak-jump collection of up to 15 peaks per scan
Maximum data acquisition speed<3ms per point for analogue scans
Settling time from Full Range to
Baseline Signal
Control method CE operating system processor with web-server interface
Filament protectionOpto-isolated input for filament protect or control
Built-in web applications allowing RGA control and data aquisition without installed software using web browser on any PC
Optional EasyView for Windows 2000, XP or Vista

Download Data Sheet: icon eVision2 Data Sheet (492.66 kB)

Download Analyser Dimensions: icon eVision2 Dimensional Drawing (699.63 kB)

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