Vision 2000-E RGA: Residual Gas Analyser for Etch Processes

Application specific residual gas analysers for reactive ion etch, high density etch, plasma etch and microwave etching.

The Vision 2000-E consists of “smart head” residual gas analyser technology with a closed ion source and close-coupled inlet. This state-of-art mass spectrometer technology is integrated with Process Eye control platform, a recipe based, user-configurable software program. The combination of closed ion source and automated inlet allows seamless monitoring of the complete etch process cycle, from base vacuum to process pressures of up to 500 mTorr. By maximising the ratio between Etch chamber gas signals and the gas background in the differentially pumped Vision 2000-E analyser housing, the closed ion source enables ppm-level detection for trace contaminants in the process gas.

Vision 2000-E Etch Residual Gas Analysers: Technology

  • Etch process compatible materials throughout
  • Heated analyser housing
  • Unibloc inlet valve
  • Dual filament high conductance closed ion source
  • Process Eye Professional control platform
Residual Gas Analyser for Etch Processes 

Simultaneous Display/Wide Dynamic Range: Unibloc Intelligent Inlet Valve:
Vision 1000E Etch Residual Gas Analysers: Software Etch Residual Gas Analyser Inlet

Vision 2000-E Etch Process Residual Gas Analyser

Mass Range 1-200 amu
Detector Dual Faraday/SEM
Analyser Double filter quadrupole mass spectrometer
Inlet Pressure Ranges

1E-8 to 1E-3 Torr base range

10, 150, 500 mTorr

Max Operating Pressure 1E-3 Torr at the inlet
Min Detectable Partial Pressure <2E-11 Torr
Min Detectable Concentration <200 ppb for non-interfering species
Stability Better than +/- 0.1 amu over 8 hours
Resolution Better than 10% valley throughout mass range

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Download Data Sheet: icon Vision2000E Data Sheet (301.75 kB)

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