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The UVS 40 is a high intensity Photon Source capable of operation with a range of discharge gases and suited to UPS measurements under ultra-high vacuum conditions.
The new IS40 ion source range from Henniker Scientific addresses both surface preparation and surface analysis applications under UHV conditions.
The new TMC13 Thin Film Thickness / Rate Controller now has on-board video drivers for loading and playback of e.g. service or maintenance routines.
The new TMC13 Thin Film Thickness / Rate Controller now supports Multi Crystal Sensors.
The TMC13 Deposition Rate / Thickness Controller is a versatile, 6-channel device that has been designed for repeatebale, reliable and accurate control of film thickness and rate in vacuum based thin film deposition processes.
The Tetra Series low pressure plasma surface modification equipment is now available with a range of chamber sizes suitable for both laboratory development and industrial scale plasma surface treatments.
Henniker Scientific are pleased to announce that the Veraspec range of Molecular Beam Gas Analysers has been extended to meet the specific demands of reaction monitoring in pyrolysis and gasification research applications.
Henniker Scientific Ltd. of Warrington, England are pleased to announce that the latest model of the MAX300 LG Quadrupole Gas Analyser is now available with an ultra-fast response sample introduction inlet for Transient Gas Analysis applications.
True quantitative quadrupole gas analyser with automated calibration and multi-stream chemically inert inlet.
Membrane inlet mass spectrometer extends detection limits to ppt levels for a range of gas mixture components.
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