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Range of Combination Deposition Systems having a quick-change source flange that can be configured with thermal evaporators, magnetrons, e-beam evaporators or combinations of all.
Dual Resistive and E-Beam Sample Heating Power Supply with colour touchscreen interface.
Our highest resolution mass spectrometer just got better.
High resolution 19mm rod set triple filter quadrupoles with exceptional resolution and transmission.
Rapid response gas analyser for transient measurements in a wide range of gas analysis applications.
The UVS 40 is a high intensity Photon Source capable of operation with a range of discharge gases and suited to UPS measurements under ultra-high vacuum conditions.
The new TMC13 Thin Film Thickness / Rate Controller now has on-board video drivers for loading and playback of e.g. service or maintenance routines.
The TMC13 Deposition Rate / Thickness Controller is a versatile, 6-channel device that has been designed for repeatebale, reliable and accurate control of film thickness and rate in vacuum based thin film deposition processes.
The new TMC13 Thin Film Thickness / Rate Controller now supports Multi Crystal Sensors.
Quadrupole mass spectrometers with mass ranges 500amu, 1000amu, 2000amu, 4000amu and 16000amu
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