Plasma Cleaners, Plasma Cleaning

Plasma cleaners for ultra-fine surface preparation offer an alternative to solvent (e.g. trichloroethylene) cleaning, degreasing and desmearing.

We offer a wide range of plasma cleaners for ultra-fine plasma cleaning of metals, ceramics and other materials where surface condition is critical. Surface preparation by plasma cleaning removes far more organic or mineral oil residue, improves overall quality and is inherently dry & environmentally friendly compared with solvent or aqeous based cleaning alone.

Plasma Cleaned Parts

Metal and Ceramic Plasma Cleaning of Quadrupole Rod Assembly

Plasma Cleaner: Applications

  • ultra-fine plasma cleaning of metal, glass, ceramic components
  • bond pad cleaning
  • plasma cleaning of parts prior to coating and encapsulation
  • removal of organic and mineral based machining residue

Plasma Cleaning: Advantages

  • highest quality
  • operator friendly
  • dry, environmental friendly technique (NO Trichloroethylene)
  • low operation cost

Plasma Cleaner for R&D/small parts scale:

We offer a range of plasma cleaners specifically for R&D or cleaning of small parts/batches. Different plasma cleaning units can be supplied with trays, drum, or roll to roll mechanisms. Internal capacities range from the compact benchtop HPT-100 system with a 100mm diameter plasma treatment chamber, to much larger capacity systems for high throughput work.

  • intuitive colour TFT interface
  • automated monitoring of all plasma cleaner parameters
  • fully automated plasma cleaning cycle with status display
  • Ultra-High Purity (UHP) configurations
  • wide range of sample introduction options including multiple shelves, powder and small part containers, drums and roll-to-roll feeds
  • customised systems

Intuitive Touchscreen Control




HPT-100 Plasma Cleaner


HPT-200 Plasma Cleaner


HPT-300 Plasma Cleaner


HPT-500 Plasma Cleaner

We offer free consultation and initial proof of concept plasma cleaning services as well as rental systems.

For additional information on these services, if you have any questions, or to request a quotation, please contact us.

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