Atmospheric Plasma Treatment

For local plasma surface pretreatments.

The Cirrus atmospheric pressure plasma treatment system delivers far superior results than corona surface treatments and is used mainly for the local pretreatment (cleaning, activation) of different surfaces including:

  • Polymers
  • Metal
  • Ceramics
  • Glass
  • Hybrid materials

The Cirrus is a single nozzle atmospheric plasma unit which can be easily integrated into existing automated production lines with minimal cost.

The Nimbus is the dual nozzle version for wider treatment areas.

Cirrus Atmospheric Plasma Treatment Robot

Nimbus Atmospheric Plasma Torch

Atmospheric Plasma Treatment Applications:

  • pretreatment of parts prior to bonding
  • fine cleaning
  • surface activation

Atmospheric Plasma Treatment Advantages:

  • high quality
  • localised treatments
  • dry, environmental friendly technique
  • low operation cost

Cirrus & Nimbus Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Treatment Units:

With atmospheric pressure plasma treatment, feed gas becomes ionized by means of high voltage under ambient pressure that then forms the plasma.  The plasma is emitted with compressed air from the exit of the plasma nozzle. There are two different atmospheric plasma effects:

  • Activation and,
  • Fine Cleaning

The plasma jet is also effective at removing loosely bound particles and debris from the surface by virtue of the compressed air plasma jet.

Cirrus Atmospheric Plasma Treatment System

We offer free consultation, initial proof of concept plasma treatment services and also rental units.

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