MAX - Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometer

Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometer (MBMS) for reaction kinetics from processes between 5E-5 Torr and atmospheric pressure.

The MAX-Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometer is a compact skimmer inlet system designed for accurate and reproducible identification of reactive and intermediate chemical species from a wide range of applications in plasma chemistry, atmospheric chemistry, combustion and gasification processes, cluster deposition and analysis and chemical vapour deposition.

It is configured with up to three expansion stages making it suitable for sampling over the range 5E-5 Torr to atmospheric pressure and features application specific sampling interfaces that can be customised to your exact experimental requirements.

MAX Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometer

MAX - Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometer Features:

  • 6mm, 9.5mm or 19mm high transmission and resolution triple quadrupole mass filters
  • Mass range options between 60amu and 16,000amu
  • Neutrals, radicals, positive and negative ions
  • Energy analysis with <0.5eV resolution
  • Pulse ion counting detection
  • Integrated molecular beam chopper for accurate beam/background determination
  • Low noise positive and negative ion counting detector with conversion dynode

MAX - Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometer Cross Beam Solution:

Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometer Sampling StageThe MAX-Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometer features our cross beam ionizer solution which gives far better results for molecular beam sampling compared with traditional axial sampling arrangements:

  • Best signal-to-noise characteristics - no line of sight to mass filter and detector
  • Superior pumping characteristics - virtually infinite beam pumping speed
  • Highest contamination resistance - condensibles pass straight through to turbo pump
  • Highest transmission - quadrupole deflector transports ions through 90 degrees with a transmission efficiency approaching unity
  • Pulse ion counting detection

MAX - Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometer Selected Articles:

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