Vacuum System and Gauge Controllers

PCU14 Vacuum System Power Control Unit

Integrated Vacuum System Controllers - with software control!

Compact and highly functional vacuum system power controllers with full software control of pumps, gauges and valves.

We offer a range of versatile, low cost controllers with full local or web based software interface. Choose local software interface and you can combine several controllers with our CreatorTM software platform, bringing your vacuum/UHV system under fully integrated and interlocked software control.

Our controllers can be configured to operate with virtually any third party exisiting instruments, breathing new life into your vacuum system.

PCU14 Vacuum System ControllerPCU14 Vacuum System Power Control Unit Software

A compact, standalone microprocessor device for controlling one complete UHV vacuum system. It supports one ultra-high vacuum pump (e. g. turbo molecular pump, ion pump, cryo pump, etc.), electromagnetic vent valve, electromagnetic safety valve, fore vacuum pump and two vacuum gauges based on the 0..10V output standard.

The unit comprises several interlocks to protect the vacuum system in the event of power loss or in the case that a pump or other device might fail.

The front display MIMIC diagram can be customised by the user in order to represent their particular locations of chamber, valves, gauges and pumps, thereby providing an accurate, easy to follow representation of the system status.


MG Series Gauge ControllersMG Series Gauge Controllers

MG13 (Bayard Alpert Gauge + Analogue Gauge)

MG14 (Extractor or Bayard Alpert Gauge + Analogue Gague)

Although just 1U height, the MG Series Gauge controllers are able to display two gauge channels at once on the large backlit LCD display. The high brightness blue display provides clear readout from large viewing angles and long distances.

A unique feature of the MG Series Gauge controllers is the availability of 4 interlocks as standard, each of which can be separately programmed for each channel, including threshold levels and hysteresis. The measurement channels are active immediately upon power-up and ready for emission.


Bakeout ControllersBakeout Controller

The BCU13 Vacuum Bakeout Controller Unit is a microprocessor controlled device for independent control of either two heating zones of a vacuum system or a single heating zone and a sample heater inside e.g. a preparation chamber. The single unit has two independently controlled and regulated 10kW heater power supplies.

An additional option allows the customer to independently control other non-regulated heaters such as those used for ion pumps.


Sample Heater ControllersSample Heaters

We offer both resistive and dual resistive/e-beam type sample heater controllers with full software control and PID regulation.

The resistive heater controller delivers up to 300W output (0-10A) and the combined controller additionally supplies 0-1kV at 250mA for e-beam heating.


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