Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer MAX300-LG MIMS

The MAX300-LG Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer Gas Analyser (MIMS) is a fully automated Quantitative Gas Analysis system with a temperature controlled Membrane Introduction Inlet for fast and repeatable analysis of gases and dissolved gases in liquids at the parts-per-trillion level.

Quantitative Gas Analysis, performed with precision, accuracy and repeatability, demands an analyser with exceptional stability & repeatability characteristics coupled with an inlet system and analysis methods that can handle routine calibrations and background gas subtractions. The MAX300-LG Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer delivers all this, plus the ability to significantly extend the detection range for many compounds down to the ppt level via enrichment through the semi-permeable mebrane. Both gases and dissolved gases in liquids may be analysed.

MAX300-LG Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer Gas Analyser

As standard it is configured with our highest specification 19mm quadrupole rod set, dual Faraday cup/Electron Multiplier detectors, temperature stabilised ion source, and 4 channel chemically inert auto-controlled inlet valve (expandable to 16 streams). Not only does this combination offer best in class stability and repeatability characteristics, it is backed by our industry leading Questor5 quantitative analysis control platform which features fully automated analysis routines that measure and deconvolute background gas interferences and overlapping fragment peaks. This is combined with automatic calibration stream analysis and a 180 component internal fragment pattern library to deliver single click quantitative analysis of unlimited components with a cyle time of 300msec per component.

All this is backed by our no-nonsense application review service which provides you with a written statement of expected precision and repeatability of analysis for each component in you gas mixture - taking the guesswork out of quantitative gas analysis.

MAX300-LG Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer Features:

MAX MIMS Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer Gas Analyser

  • Temperature controlled membrane inlet
  • +/-25ppm absolute precision measured on 1% argon
  • parts-per-trillion (ppt) detection capability
  • analysis of dissolved gases in liquids
  • 8 decade dynamic measurement range
  • 19mm high transmission and resolution triple quadrupole mass filters
  • 250/300amu mass range
  • 4 stream chemically inert auto-sampling inlet (expandable to 16 streams)
  • Unlimited component analysis
  • 180 species internal component cracking pattern library
  • 21 CFR 11 compliant

MAX MIMS Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer Cell PPT Gas Analysis

Mass Spectrometer Membrane Inlet for PPT Gas Analysis:

The membrane inlet cell delivers sample gas or liquid through a heated path and across the membrane which transmits the sample into the low pressure ion source region of the mass spectrometer. Sample and membrane are at the same constant temperature which gives repeatable and stable measurements throughout.

Membrane Inlet Detection Enhancement:

Permeation through, and evapouration from the membrane produces a significant enrichment of many compounds over bulk carrier gas, resulting in increased detection levels in the part per trillion (ppt) range.

Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer PPT Gas Analysis Detection

Quantitative Gas Analysis Software - Questor5:

Questor 5 Quantitative Gas Analysis software is a fully automated package that provides single click quantification of complex gas mixtures. Unique analysis methods can be applied to individual streams, automatically calibrating relative sensitivity factors, subtracting background gas interferences and applying full matrix inversion techniques to deliver accurate and precise component concentrations in under 300msec per component cycle.

Mass Spectral Library

Internal Cracking Pattern Library

  • >180 components

  • Fully integrated with NIST

  • Fully editable

Analysis Fragment Matrix

Automated Analysis Matrix:

Add components to the analysis fragment matrix and Questor5 automatically selects the appropriate analysis peak for the highest possible accuracy.

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