TGA Mass Spectrometer - MAX300 EGA

TGA - Mass Spectrometer (TGA - MS) with hardware and software coupling to all major TGA manufacturer's thermal analysis instruments. Also suitable for coupling to microreactors and other thermal analysis equipment.

TGA - Mass Spectrometer (TGA - MS)

The MAX 300 EGA TGA - Mass Spectrometer (TGA - MS) is a benchtop mass spectrometer offering direct hardware and software coupling for all popular TGA models, microreactors and thermal analysis equipment in general. The heated inert silica capillary inlet and precision triple quadrupole analyser ensure unrivalled stability and sensitivity over the entire 6 decade dynamic range from ppb to percent levels and also includes as standard a soft ionisation feature which greatly simplifies the analysis of complex evolved gas mixtures. The MAX 300 EGA TGA - MS comes delivered with the TGA - MS interface of choice, data cable for start/stop signal from the TGA and our latest TGA Sequencer software for hands free operation.

MAX 300 EGA TGA - Mass Spectrometer ( TGA - MS) Technology:

  • Heated inert transfer line
  • Heated ion source chamber
  • Standard TGA - MS hardware & software interfaces
  • ppb to percent level dynamic range
  • 19mm quadrupole technology
  • Soft ionisation mode for complex mixtures
  • Data output in TGA software specific format for direct import to most manufacturer's thermal analysis packages
  • Quantification of evolved gases

MAX300 EGA TGA Mass Spectrometer

TGA - Mass Spectrometer ( TGA - MS) Interface

The MAX 300 EGA TGA Mass Spectrometer has standard hardware and software integration options for many of the main TGA manufacturer's models, but any instrument can in principle be readily interfaced with our generic as well as specific inlets.

MAX300 EGA TGA Interface Options

Example EGA TGA-MS Interface Options

MAX300 EGA TGA Mass Spectrometer, Example Data:

A. Mass loss data from the TGA is shown along with intensity trends from the mass spectrometer. Water and carbon dioxide are shown leaving the sample along with styrene.

B.The mass spectrum of the evolved gas captured at 39.75 minutes. The peaks at m/z 18, 44, and 104 are from water, carbon dioxide, and styrene, respectively.

C. A portion of the mass spectrum, rescaled. The peaks at m/z 115-128 are from a styrene molecule still bound to a methyl group that has broken off of the parent molecule.

TGA Mass Spectrometer Software

Example EGA TGA-MS Results

TGA Mass Spectrometer - MAX300 EGA

Mass Range

1-200, 1-300, 1-500 amu

Detection Limit (gas dependent) <10 ppb

Inert silica, heated, 2.0m length with TGA coupling and exhaust conduit. 200degC heating standard, 300degC & 400degC options.

Gas Consumption Rate 20ml/min, low flow versions possible
I/O System Direct connection to TGA
Analyser 19mm quadrupole
Detector Dual Faraday/SEM
Ion Source Twin filament, temperature controlled
Electron Energy Operator variable
Emission Current Operator variable

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