Benchtop Gas Analysis

Our range of benchtop gas analysis systems comprise purpose built mass spectrometers with application specific inlets and interfaces for on-line monitoring and analysis of gases, gas mixtures, vapours and dissolved gases in liquids.

They are ideal for R&D, process monitoring and control in catalysis studies, thermogravimetric analyis (TGA coupling),  membrane studies, fermentation process monitoring and thermal analysis etc.

Gas compositions can be measured over a wide dynamic range (ppt to 100%) with a wide range of sampling inlets to suit every application requirement. Versions are available with single inlet, 4, 8 or 16 way inlet.


TGA Mass Spectrometer - MAX300 EGA:

TGA - Mass Spectrometer (TGA - MS) with hardware and software coupling to all major TGA manufacturer's thermal analysis instruments. Also suitable for coupling to microreactors and other thermal analysis equipment.



Quantitative Gas Analyser - MAX300-LG:

The MAX300-LG is a fully automated Quantitative Gas Analyser for complex gas mixture analysis over the full dynamic range 100% to <10ppb with the highest possible precision and with cycle times of <300msec per component.

Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer MAX300-LG MIMS:

The MAX300-LG Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer Gas Analyser (MIMS) is a fully automated Quantitative Gas Analysis system with a temperature controlled Membrane Introduction Inlet for fast and repeatable analysis of gases and dissolved gases in liquids at the parts-per-trillion level.


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